Fall Festival, Souvenirs & Egg Creams, September 1911

Fall Festival cover, Memphis 1911
Memphis Fall Festival program booklet cover, 1911. George Whitworth Collection, historic-memphis.com

In 1911 the Business Men’s Club of Memphis created the first Fall Festival,  a 3-day event, September 26-28. On Monday night, September 25th, Jessie and friends “went to town in the machine to see Main Street. It was beautiful, a regular fairyland.” The next day was the opening of the Tri-State Fair, coinciding with the first day of the Fall Festival. Because it was the first day of the fair, children got off school early. Most of them probably went to the afternoon parade celebrating  Arts & Industries. On Wednesday there was a parade of the Blue and the Gray, a reunion of old Civil War veterans from both sides who marched together down Main Street. Swayne was a drummer boy in the parade. That was followed by a barbecue in East End Park. Jessie wrote, “Never have I seen so many people down town on one night. The parade was worth it though.” And finally, the last day of the Festival culminated in the grand DeSoto celebration, a historical pageant and parade celebrating the life of the explorer Hernando DeSoto. “It was the most beautiful I ever saw. The floats were all about DeSoto with torches burning on all sides, with fireworks too.”

A page from the program booklet for the Fall Festival in Memphis, 1911. George Whitworth Collection, historic-memphis.com
Canadian Maple Leaf pin given to Jessie from Sara, September 1911
Maple leaf pin from Canada, given to Jessie from Sara C., September 1911

On September 10, 1911, Jessie mentions that her good friend Sara C. “gave me such a pretty little gold maple leaf, the emblem of Canada.” Sara, whom Jessie often calls Taby or Tab, had recently returned from a trip to Canada.

Egg Creams. Did you know there are no eggs in an egg cream? In the September 30, 1911 entry in her diary, Jessie talks about giving her brother Bud, who is recovering from typhoid fever, an egg cream. This piqued my curiosity. The recipe is actually very simple. Follow this link to watch Martha Stewart preparing a Vanilla Egg Cream.


Tri-State Fair grounds, Memphis, 1911.
Tri-State Fair grounds, Memphis, 1911.