March 1909

This time I added most of Jessie’s March diary entries just so you can get an idea of the typical way she is spending her time.  Social clubs like the Merry Maids (MM) and the Mystic Twenty or Mystic XX (MXX) are popular.  At this time Jessie is 14.

lyceum                                         Jessie' s scrapbook page

The top picture is the Lyceum Theatre in Memphis. Below is a page from one of Jessie’s scrapbooks. It shows her home and her playhouse. Jessie is the girl in the front seat of the wagon, on the left – always smiling!

February 1909

Jessie led a very busy and happy life.  She had lots of friends and they were always going places and doing things. Favorite activities were going down town and ‘bumming,’ playing various games outside, dancing, playing the piano and singing popular songs, going to concerts, plays, moving pictures (silent ones, of course), having various club meetings, and so on.

I think these are some sort of ‘fast’ photo images that Jessie and her friends had developed. Taking pictures was another pastime. In the photos on the left, Jessie may be the girl in the top. The blue photos (probably another ‘fast’ photo image of some kind) are family shots again. In the top image, standing are Frank (Jessie always called him ‘Bud’), an unidentified girl, and Jessie. Her grandmother and mother are seated. The bottom image is Frank with the unidentified girl.

Jessie and friends                       Latham family and Frank